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The Mill

Wavelengths' CEO, Warren Boyd recognizes the challenges and rewards of a small town and is excited to bring those skills back home. Warren often says “I will take the support I have had and try to pay it forward whenever I can, I want to do that with our newest facility, Wavelengths Sonoma, located in the historic Great Petaluma Mill" Visit 6 Petaluma Blvd, Ste A7 & A8, Petaluma, CA 94952"
Wavelengths Petaluma

Rooted In Petaluma

Since the first Wavelengths treatment facility opened in Southern California over 20 years ago, we have continually committed our efforts to helping those in need. Wavelengths is the result of our founder Warren Boyd’s visionary leadership, along with a passionate team equally focused on helping those who struggle with addiction. Wavelengths as we know it today has evolved from Warren’s vision to treat addiction through each one, teach one model. This philosophy is the root of our culture and defines who we are today.


Much of Wavelengths’ history is stemmed from the personal story of Warren Boyd himself. Having personally experienced the disease of addiction, Warren is uniquely qualified to understand and help those in need. Born in Petaluma and raised in Sonoma County, Warren had multiple DUI convictions and spent time in prison. During this chaotic time of heavy drinking and drug use, he realized he trusted no one. The only thing he could trust was something intangible, something he couldn’t see. He called it God. Warren’s spiritual awakening was triggered.  The birth of his daughter led him to believe that “what I needed was to help people in order to save my own soul.”

This turning point that ultimately changed him and the way he saw the world eventually lead to his professional life today which has included serving as co-executive producer of A&E’s “The Cleaner”, a series that was loosely based on Warren’s real-life persona. Since then, Hollywood and those in need of help have embraced Warren and his unyielding desire to make a difference.

The Mill Opens 2020

 The Wavelengths Sonoma facility now open. We’re located at 6 Petaluma Blvd, Ste A7 & A8, Petaluma, CA 94952. Call us today at 707-568-0500.



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