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Residential Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Treatment at Beautiful Huntington Beach Residences

Residential Treatment, also known as inpatient treatment, is appropriate for participants that will benefit from a closely monitored, structured environment with highly individualized attention. It is a great option for those who may need to go through detoxification or those who need longer-term care.
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The Wavelength’s inpatient-residential rehab homes in Huntington Beach can provide you with 24-hour care and personalized treatment. There are many benefits to inpatient rehab over outpatient rehab which may help those in recovery better establish the foundation for long-term sobriety.

While many can find sufficient treatment in various levels of outpatient care, those with strong dependencies and a history of long-term addictions may need an even more hands-on approach that residential care can provide. Residential rehab can provide all of the therapeutic services offered in an outpatient setting. But, inpatient treatment gives the person in recovery closer medical attention and amenities that aid in the early stages of recovery.

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment provides a structured non-hospital environment to help those in the early stages of recovery stay safe with 24-hour supervision. In outpatient treatment, a person receives drug counseling and therapy while going home after their treatment sessions are done.

This enhanced support in a residential recovery center can greatly benefit those who are prone to relapse and live in a household that is not conducive to recovery. Other benefits include being able to detox under constant supervision, work through issues (i.e. co-occurring disorders, trauma, etc.), and being with a tight-knight community to help process recovery.

Recommended stays at a residential facility will vary depending on one’s severity of substance use, history of substance abuse, and mental health condition. And of course, one’s insurance policy will play a factor as different insurances cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation differently.

Residential treatment programs may include:

Residential Detox

In residential treatment, those with strong chemical dependencies may spend their early days going through detoxification. This first step is clearly crucial in achieving sobriety, but the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can be quite trying for all and dangerous for some.

In residential treatment, detoxification can be medically-supported to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, helping keep clients safe. Various approaches and amenities can be provided to lessen the discomfort associated with withdrawal, though every detox includes a degree of discomfort.

Because of complications associated with withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended that a person with chemical dependency go through a professional residential detox. This is especially true for those attempting alcohol detox, opioid detox, or benzodiazepine detox — as withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

Our In-Patient Treatment Model

Our residential treatment home is operated with awake staff, 24 hours per day. A compact schedule of daily activities and programs ensures a structured environment is established and a strong foundation is built. Our residential treatment participants are provided with nutrient-rich and healthy meals, spacious and comfortable semi-private rooms, and regular therapy with one of our highly skilled Licensed or Certified Clinicians.

The Wavelengths Recovery in-patient program encompasses four stages:

Inpatient-Residential Rehab in Huntington Beach

The pleasant atmosphere at our Huntington Beach Residential Rehabs provides a comfortable space for those struggling to make it through the withdrawal process. Feel free to take a look at our Huntington Beach Rehab Centers to get a closer look at our residential treatment offerings.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction and is looking for residential care, please give Wavelengths Recovery a call at 855-799-6869.

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