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Alchemy Wellness

We believe in well-being for everyone.

Wavelengths Recovery provides a variety of methods to enhance wellness and healing. Alchemy Wellness is a healthcare service designed to help our community make positive behavioral changes to their diet, activity, and mental health.
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We’ve created a culture of meaningful change by incorporating holistic techniques to treat addiction. Above all, our team is passionate about good health and happiness for our recovery community. This is why our approach helps supplement what western medicine does not provide.

Yoga in Addiction Treatment


We offer yoga to all clients and staff at our Huntington Beach location. As a result, our clients focus their attention inward by practicing meditation. Furthermore, they connect mind and body through natural medicine.
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Sweating supports healing through natural detoxification from the skin. Saunas are helpful in removing toxins from the body and they have been shown to improve physical health. Consistent sessions encourage healing through mindful breathing, relaxation, and proper hydration.
Meditation in Addiction Therapy

Sound Bath Meditation

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of frequencies for harmony and health. This is why we use pulsing sound to align brain waves in rhythm. Similarly, this form of healing enhances focus and helps create a deep state of relaxation.
whole food nutrition

Whole Food Nutrition

Alchemy Wellness provides plant-based meal options to restore and heal the body. Similarly, we know lasting health changes require commitment and support. This is why we create a solid foundation for physical health through proper nutrition.


Pilates is the perfect workout for your entire body. Even though the main focus of Pilates is on developing your core strength, this amazing workout is great for recovering from back pain, improving mobility, and conditioning your ability to focus and concentrate.

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