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Matt’s Success Story

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I'm part of this family and I'm able to work and I'm able to serve other people. And it's a good feeling because there's really no reward needed.
Matt Wavelengths Recovery

My life was horrible and my drinking became unmanageable. I started using a lot of like crystal meth on the side because when I was drunk, I’d like to shoot back up, start feeling good. And I realized this isn’t the lifestyle that I wanted to continue living. My daughter was just being born. I had to be there. It’s not about me anymore, it’s about her and I just fully submitted. I’m like, “Hey, I really do need to get some help. This addiction is a disease. It’s really controlling my life and I don’t feel like myself anymore.” And it really just brought me down to really low place in my life where I didn’t think I was going to be anything else other than alcoholic or a drug addict.

I knew that when I stepped in here, this was a place that was going to like help me out. And I know I can get the sobriety and the therapist and the clinical. Everyone the clinical team was rad, the people I got to know here. I noticed it was really like a family. Everyone was cool and they help you out when needed to.

I ended up doing 180 days-plus as a client. So that’s about six months. I volunteered for a few of those months to help me get a job here. I had a kid, she was getting older. I wanted to help her mom out, even though I wasn’t working. Wavelengths took a chance on me and they gave me a job here.

Warren Boyd, the CEO of Wavelengths, the founder, he’s a good man. He’s helped me with some legal issues as well. It really it just saved my life, man. And now I’m part of this family and I’m able to work and I’m able to serve other people. And it’s a good feeling because there’s really no reward needed. Just when you see these clients, these guys and gals, when they’re happier after they go through sobriety and get some clean time. It’s the best feeling ever. That’s rewarding itself.

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