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Sonoma County Drug Rehab Center

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Petaluma, CA

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Recovery is an ongoing process that requires support, focus, and commitment. With the introduction of Wavelengths Recovery’s new facility in Petaluma, we’ve opened our drug and alcohol treatment services to the Sonoma County area.

Maybe you have come here for yourself. Maybe you have come here to get help for a friend or a family member. Whatever your situation is, our Sonoma County Rehab can help you put the pieces back together.

Petaluma, Sonoma County Drug Rehab

Our Evidence-Based Approach

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction can be a challenging journey with setbacks on the way. If you have experienced a relapse during your recovery, don’t give up hope. Most of us in recovery have failed early attempts to quit abusing alcohol and drugs.

Sustainable, long-term sobriety can only be achieved through the total transformation of a person’s mind, body, and spirit. The comprehensive approach at our Petaluma, Sonoma County Rehab includes both drug counseling and holistic practices intended to fully support this transformation.

Our Sonoma County Treatment Programs

Treatment options at our Petaluma location include an intensive outpatient treatment program and an outpatient treatment program. Warren and the Wavelengths Recovery team have strived to make this location an effective environment for those struggling with drug abuse.

Wavelengths’ Sonoma County Outpatient Treatment Center can help you establish and reinforce lifestyle changes to help you find happiness in sobriety. Too many of us fail our journey of recovery, relapsing because we struggle to find joy in our new lifestyle. We cater our approach to tackle this problem.

Drug Addictions We Treat

Addiction comes in many forms, and we’ve seen it all. Our trained and licensed staff is well-prepared to help you through outpatient rehabilitation.

With the help of addiction medicine, drug counseling, and holistic care, we can help you find recovery from drug abuse.

Addiction treatments we offer at Wavelengths Sonoma include:

If you have any questions about specific drugs or our range of treatment options, you can call our 24/7 line at (844) 392-8342.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Our addiction treatment center in Petaluma is a modern facility designed to treat recovering addicts in a holistically therapeutic way. The core components of our program include individual counseling support as well as group therapy. We provide individualized education and recovery resources, aftercare support, and drug screenings.

Our therapists and psychiatrists are experienced in treating co-occurring disorders that many addicts often develop through prolonged drug abuse. Treating these underlying mental conditions is a key aspect of relapse prevention and promoting a better life. We make sure our therapeutic scope is larger than just helping one abstain from substance use.

Important skills that we teach include:

These skills are designed to support your recovery from addiction and make healthy lifestyle changes.

About Our Holistic Therapies

Here at Wavelengths Recovery, we believe in supporting our patients to make lasting behavioral changes to their daily lives. We have incorporated a range of holistic techniques to aid recovery at our treatment center in Petaluma.

Our holistic program, Alchemy Wellness, is designed to establish meaningful change to aid your recovery. In addition to standardized practices, our team has developed programs to promote good health and happiness. The goal is to promote healing that western medicine alone does not fully address.

We are also especially proud of our equine therapy, which stimulates both emotional and physical systems in our bodies. Equine therapy can help build emotional awareness, social skills, trust, and confidence. Learn more about our equine therapy here.

Our Alchemy Wellness healthcare service includes:

Click here to learn more about our Alchemy Wellness services.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Sonoma County Can Trust

With roots in Petaluma, our founder Warren Boyd has made it his mission to bring his success in addiction recovery to his hometown. After 20 years of experience, Wavelengths is proud to bring our passion and vision to Sonoma County. You can read about the vision for Sonoma here.

Our Sonoma County rehab center for alcohol and drug addiction is here to help. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, we are dedicated to providing the guidance and support you need.

If you’re ready to take the next step, our master’s-level licensed clinicians and addiction specialists can begin designing your individualized treatment plan today. Contact our admissions team to start the process.

If you or someone you loved is addicted to drugs or alcohol, our new outpatient addiction treatment center in Petaluma, Sonoma County is here to help. Our range of holistic therapies and counseling services is designed to support your recovery from addiction. Contact our team today to learn more.

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