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Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Near Santa Rosa

August 3, 2021
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Rehabilitation Center Near Santa Rosa

Addiction is becoming a bigger problem in the United States. And in the past year, 93,000 Americans died of an overdose. But, a rehabilitation center can provide you with the tools needed for a safe and successful recovery.

But not every therapy option is best for everyone. That’s why this Rehabilitation Center near Santa Rosa in Sonoma County offers an individualized approach. So keep reading to learn more!

Holistic Rehabilitation Center

Holistic medicine is becoming more and more popular within different medical fields. As of recently, rehab centers in Sonoma County are using this approach to treat addiction naturally.

Holistic treatments reinforce the idea of forgiveness, acceptance, and meaningful change towards a better tomorrow. The overall theme for most western practices is to treat only the addiction.

However, this approach fails to treat the underlying issues associated with addiction. With a holistic approach, the main goal is to improve the person’s overall health and happiness.

Types of Drug Addictions

Addiction can come in many different ways. For example, some individuals aren’t addicted to a specific substance. Rather, they can become addicted to certain hobbies such as gambling.

However, our outpatient facility believes in holistic care. And thorough counseling for those struggling with the following:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Opioid addictions such as Fentanyl
  • Crack Cocaine addiction
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Benzodiazepine addiction

All of these substances can be life-threatening so getting help is crucial. Some of these substances are also harder to cut off. Therefore, having a support system can increase the chances of a healthy life.

Activities Used to Promote Happiness

Holistic approaches to addiction treatment can vary depending on the facility. However, at Santa Rosa Rehabilitation Center, we believe in six key components for health and happiness.

Yoga Therapy

The purpose of yoga is to focus on breathing by channeling your attention to the inner parts of your body. By doing so, your mind, body, and soul become realigned and can better coexist with one another.

But yoga is more than just controlled breathing. Yoga can also teach you how to be kind to yourself and avoid judgemental thoughts patterns. Over time, your body will start to interpret this as a new form of self-love.

Patients will also learn how to be more mindful about taking ownership of certain situations. In many cases, those who struggle with drug addiction find it hard to accept their own faults and wrong-doings.

However, once they are patient with their wrong-doings, they can release negative energy and be more confident in their healing journey.

Meditation Therapy

The power of mediation has been used for many years. This practice can lower anxiety, reduce stress, and treat depression.

Meditation takes patience and skill, but once a person has surrendered, they can experience enlightenment. The body and mind can connect in new ways, which helps improve the quality of life.

And by combining meditation and yoga, you’ll get the full effect of alignment, balance, and control! Overall, meditation can help ease cravings and help pinpoint certain triggers.

Whole Food Nutrition

Nutrition is often overlooked when we think about addiction recovery. However, having good nutrition has been proven to heal the gut. And scientists have now confirmed that depression is directly linked to bad gut health.

And this domino effect doesn’t stop there. Studies have also shown that people with depression also have a higher chance of developing a severe drug addiction in their lives. So as you can see, proper nutrition is the key to everything!

That’s why Rehabilitation Center near Santa Rosa offers individual nutrition plans based on a person’s dietary restrictions, food preferences, and vitamin deficiencies.

Furthermore, during recovery, many people experience an increase in appetite. Therefore, portion control is another important aspect that is implemented during recovery. This step helps the digestive system and will reduce any chances of an eating disorder.

Equine Therapy

Last but not least, we have equine therapy. This kind of therapy is unique and is only offered at limited drug centers.

Luckily, Rehabilitation Center near Santa Rosa in Sonoma County offers this kind of therapy. And if you’re familiar with this kind of therapy, a patient gets to build a personal connection with a horse. Establishing health with a horse can transfer over and help individuals rebuild their relationships with family and friends.

This form of animal therapy helps individuals build comfort and create a safe environment. The individuals will start feeling more relaxed and help work through their trauma, triggers, and anxiety.

And equine therapy in Sonoma County is more than just horse riding. Individuals will learn how to groom, feed, and trust their therapy horse. These duties will help create emotional growth, reduce loneliness, improve social skills, and build a stronger spiritual connection.

Addiction Counseling Services

Along with holistic approaches, Rehabilitation Center near Santa Rosa also offers comprehensive counseling services. Group and individualized therapy are 2 of the main components.

After therapy, patients will also receive aftercare and recovery support to ensure a long and clean life.

Our therapists are all highly experienced and fully certified. They specialize in treating patients with dual diagnoses and underlying mental health problems.

They also help build interpersonal skills and eliminate triggers which help to reduce relapses. Here are some other great skills that are taught during counseling sessions:

  • Being comfortable with feedback
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety
  • Better communications styles
  • Enhancing decision-making skills
  • Creating healthy boundaries

All of these great skills are needed to improve a person’s life and recovery. Without these skills, it’s elementary to fall back into old patterns!

The Best Rehabilitation Center

Going to the best rehabilitation center can make all the difference in your recovery. You or your loved one deserve to live a long and fulfilling life. So please don’t wait until it’s too late and get help today.

If you’re ready for the best change in your life, contact us today and schedule a visit to our Rehabilitation Center near Santa Rosa!




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