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12-Step NA & AA Meetings in Petaluma

May 27, 2021
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Are you considering attending a 12-step meeting in Petaluma?

People struggling with addiction often find associations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) helpful for their recovery. Each of these programs uses a 12-step recovery process that supports people as they pursue sober living. This empowers them to live a more fulfilling, productive life free of their addictions.

But what are some of the benefits of 12-step meetings in Petaluma?

Let’s talk about the top reasons you should attend 12 step programs if you want to start your sober journey.

Show Me NA & AA Meetings in Petaluma

They Provide Support When You Need It

One of the hardest parts of recovery consists of learning to navigate everyday life while managing your cravings. People around you may drink or participate in other activities that you can no longer do. Meanwhile, you will experience strong urges to consume alcohol or your narcotic of choice.

When this happens, it helps to have a group of people who understand and can set you up for success. That’s where a 12-step NA or AA program comes in. At each of these meetings, you will meet people who can relate to you and provide some accountability.

Attending 12-step programs on a regular basis gives you a new group of friends who can support you throughout your journey. If you need to attend meetings frequently, you can! Petaluma has many AA and NA meetings, so see if one is meeting near you next time you have a craving!

Improve Your Recovery Chances

People who go through a 12-step recovery process improve their chances of recovery to a great degree.

In fact, AA conducted a study of its 6,000 members in 2014. 73% of people who went to AA meetings remained sober for at least a year, with only 27% relapsing after one year.

So, if you want to remain sober for a longer period of time, you should attend a 12-step program.

They Give You Help After a Relapse

Unfortunately, some people relapse while in recovery. If you relapse, it can get hard not to get discouraged. Some people may even believe they are incapable of recovery, but this isn’t true.

If you feel like you need some help after suffering from a relapse, contact a 12-step program. They have the necessary resources and training to point you toward the best path to recovery.

You’ll Get a Mentor

Even better, the 12-step programs don’t make you face your recovery process on your own. Instead, they will pair you with a mentor.

This person is someone who is further along in the recovery process. They will serve as someone you can call when you need help, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Ready to Attend NA or AA? Get Rehab Help!

Are you wanting to attend a 12-step NA or AA meeting to help you with your recovery process?

Here at Wavelengths, we believe seeking help for your drug or alcohol addiction serves as an important part of living a healthy life. As such, we provide comfortable and thorough treatment in Petaluma and other areas of California. Contact us to learn more!

In-Person Petaluma NA & AA Meetings

Group TypeGroup NameDayStartLocation
AAAlano ClubM, Tu, W, Th, F Sa, Su12:00 PM1050 Petaluma Blvd N (Alano Club)
AAAlano ClubM, Tu, W, Th, F Sa, Su5:00 PM1050 Petaluma Blvd N (Alano Club)
NATuesday TranquilityTuesday2:00 PM175 Page Street, Cotati CA (Church of the Oaks)
NAWhat Is There Left To Do?Tuesday7:00 PM175 Page Street, Cotati CA (Church of the Oaks)
NAStick To It WednesdayWednesday2:00 PM175 Page Street, Cotati CA (Church of the Oaks)
NASit Down…Wednesday7:00 PM201 Washington St. (Dress warm – Meets in parking lot, back of theatre)
NAToe Tappin’ ThursdayThursday2:00 PM175 Page Street, Cotati CA (Church of the Oaks)
NAFreedom FridayFriday2:00 PM175 Page Street, Cotati CA (Church of the Oaks)
NAI’m Clean, Now What?Sunday10:00 AM1050 Petaluma Blvd N (Alano Club)

Online Petaluma NA & AA Meetings

Group TypeGroup NameDayStart TimeLocation
NASonoma Online 12PM MeetingM, Tu, W, Th, F12:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 231 844 080 / Password: 1953
NAOnline MeetingM, Tu, W, Th, F Sa, Su7:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 231 844 080 / Password: 1953
AAQuitting TimeThu, Sa, Su5:30 pmZoom Meeting ID:940 9201 2649
AAEleventh StepMonday5:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 474 035 3786 / Password: 103301
NALiving Clean Group if NAMonday6:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 8925 2136 453 / Password: JimmyK!
AAOut of the AshesMonday7:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 896 897 6856 / Password: 093381
AALost & Found GroupMonday7:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 261 329 401 / Password: 707
AALunch BunchTuesday12:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 853 0399 2215
AAKeep It Simple – BeginnersTuesday5:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 841 9333 8329 / Password: 720662
NASanta Rosa – Women FirstTuesday6:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 243 377 3407
NASanta Rosa – Men’s Night OutTuesday6:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 526 552 037
NASonoma Online NewcomersTuesday7:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 827 7344 0590 / Password: JFT
AAWe Agnostics & Atheists in AAWednesday6:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 639 048 094 / Password: 865291
AAWednesday WestsidersWednesday7:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 905 209 026 / Password: 321554
AAA Vision For YouThursday12:15 pmZoom Meeting ID: 333 253 746
AAReal LifeThursday6:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 868 8930 2665 / Password: 1955
NASleeping TigersThursday8:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 520 144 131 / Password: 5683
AAKeep It Simple – Big Book StudyFriday5:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 841 9333 8329 / Password: 720662
NAWe Do RecoverFriday7:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 129 155 054 / Password: cheese
NAWhat’s HappeningFriday7:30 pmZoom Meeting ID: 904 234 543
AAPetaluma Valley GroupFriday8:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 573 846 732 / Password: 321554
NASounds of RecoverySaturday6:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 880-8823-3750 / Password: 1953
NASonoma – Serenity Night FeverSaturday7:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 989-0088-8200 / Password: 380923
AALiving SoberSunday2:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 571-218-8077 / Password: 178451
AASunday Book StudySunday6:00 pmZoom Meeting ID: 186 197 410




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