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Wavelengths Recovery Partners with Drug Free Anaheim

November 26, 2017
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Wavelengths Recovery participated in the Quarterly Collaboration for Social Model Recovery System’s Drug Free Anaheim on Thursday, November 9th. Colin Womer, Project Coordinator for Social Model Recovery’s Drug Free Anaheim, presented their findings within the last quarter, and recognized the attendees who help support this program.

“My program is dependent on all treatment providers,” said Womer, “I want to show my appreciation for the work that you do.”  Drug Free Anaheim was launched about a year ago and offers a unique plan for addressing drug abuse in our community. Under Mayor Tom Tait’s City of Kindness initiative, Social Model Recovery Systems, in partnership with the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim Police Department, have sought a collaboration where community members seeking help for addiction can walk into the police station and voluntarily ask for treatment.  Those seeking help are screened and placed into treatment.  Wavelengths Recovery has been a valuable partner with Drug Free Anaheim.

Since its inception, Drug Free Anaheim has placed 190 people into rehabilitation.  Collaborating with treatment providers across Orange County allows for placement of participants in all levels of care including detox, residential, partial hospitalization, outpatient counseling, and local support groups.  Our partnership with other treatment centers is helping those in our community.  When it comes to the members in the area that want or need help, Renee Gallardo, a Re-Entry Services Coordinator for City Net states, “The first person they think to call was the last one who gave them hope.”  Wavelengths Recovery is pleased and honored to be a part of the solution to substance abuse in the Orange county area.




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