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A warm and inviting environment is key to a successful treatment program. Orange County is home to our Huntington Beach location. We make sure our clients are given all the tools and therapeutic services to have a successful recovery. Read more to learn about our Orange County Rehab.
Orange County Rehab

Addiction is a complex health condition that involves physical, psychological, and even behavioral dependencies. In the U.S., more than 22 million people are struggling with a substance addiction, but only a fraction will seek help.

As a chronic relapsing condition, drug and alcohol addiction cannot be cured; it can only be managed with abstinence. Unfortunately, without professional addiction treatment at a high-quality rehab, successfully managing a substance addiction can be extremely difficult.

Wavelengths Recovery is a renowned Orange County Rehab located in Huntington Beach. Each year, Orange County witnesses more than 5,000 hospitalizations related to drug overdose or alcohol poisoning and, of these, roughly 700 annually lose their lives due to drugs or alcohol.

If you suspect you are addicted to alcohol, illicit, or prescription drugs, the time to get help is now in order to safeguard your mental and physical health. Wavelengths Recovery, with its wide range of personalized treatment programs can help.

Our Orange County Treatment Center

Located just a short walk away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, our Huntington Beach headquarters location is a welcoming center that features a safe, positive environment from which to begin your recovery journey. Accredited by the Joint Commission, our addiction rehab treatment center focuses on treatments designed to support lasting recovery from addiction.

We’ve gathered an experienced team of clinicians, therapists, and addiction specialists who provide empathetic care paired with professional expertise. We’re committed to helping people end their reliance on drugs or alcohol and transform their lives and health for the better.

Addiction Programs and Treatments

Wavelengths Recovery features various addiction treatment programs and therapies that are individualized for each client. When it comes to addiction treatment, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of program or therapy. Addiction involves many different aspects, so we tailor our treatments to suit each client’s needs and circumstances.

Our Orange County rehab features addiction treatment programs that include:

We feature programs designed to treat people who are addicted to substances like alcohol, prescription painkillers, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, club drugs, and more.

During treatment, clients can expect to take part in individual counseling sessions, peer-group therapy sessions, and even holistic treatment sessions that support the recovery journey. Each of our offerings is designed to help clients manage the triggers that led them to abuse alcohol or drugs and to prevent relapse.

Surrounding Cities We Serve

Our Huntington Beach rehab location is conveniently located within Orange County.

Here, we’ve outlined the distance to our rehab from some of the cities and communities we serve:

Rehab in Orange County

If you live in Orange County, CA, and are searching for help overcoming your substance abuse problem or addiction, you’ll find it at Wavelengths Recovery. Visit our Huntington Beach location or other Orange County rehab locations near your home.

We look forward to supporting you each step of the way as you begin your recovery process.

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