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The Role of Nutrition

Food influences the way that our body and mind functions.

Wavelengths offers a variety of meal options to restore and heal the body. Similarly, we know lasting health changes require commitment and support. This is why we create a solid foundation for physical health through proper nutrition.
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Wavelengths Recovery understands the importance of nutrition for those in recovery, and we incorporate it into our outpatient treatment program. We recognize that everyone has different nutritional needs that can impact their journey to sobriety, which is why we work hard to provide individualized treatment plans that address nutrition.

Achieving nutritional balance is essential in repairing the harm addiction does to the body. It’s important for every person to develop healthy eating habits, especially those who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Proper nutrition is key to the healing process because nutrition helps restore physical and mental health. We pay close attention to nutrition for our participants in order to create a healthy reintroduction of nutritious food into the body.

After stopping stimulants, it’s common to experience an increase in appetite. Along with a variety of meal options, we also implement portion control to prevent overwhelming a weakened digestive system. It’s important to feed your body good food on a daily basis especially when nutrition needs are higher than normal during recovery.

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