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Meditation Therapy in Recovery

A powerful and important component in recovery from addiction.

Meditation therapy is offered at Wavelengths' outpatient care. Meditation is used to reduce stress and help the individual feel more connected.
Meditation in Addiction Therapy

Meditation is a powerful technique with many health benefits. We use meditation to reduce stress and to help our participants feel more connected to themselves, in their body. It helps synchronize the mind and body for improved mental wellbeing and we believe this can enhance quality of life for our participants at Wavelengths Recovery.

Meditation can be an ideal tool for coping with recovery and combating symptoms of withdrawal, cravings, and triggers. When combined with yoga this method can help achieve wellness and gain control over one’s mental activity. At Wavelengths, we teach our participants to accept what is happening in present time in order to move forward in recovery. This helps create positive intentions which are beneficial for someone recovering from addiction.

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