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Finding Drug Rehabilitation Near Rohnert Park

August 3, 2021
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Rohnert Park Rehabilitation Center

When you’re finally sober, who will you be?

Even positive change can feel scary sometimes. That’s why it’s important to find a rehab center that will support you throughout your treatment. Don’t you wish for a program that provided nurturing, holistic support while focusing on your life after addiction?

It can be hard to find the right kind of facility without leaving home. Luckily, Wavelengths Sonoma is here for you if you’re seeking a Rohnert Park Rehabilitation Center. If you have been searching for a warm, outpatient rehab in Sonoma County, Wavelengths is an exceptional and supportive option.

You have many rehab center options, but Wavelengths rehab by Rohnert Park might be the best fit for you. Read on to learn about the types of treatment offered at the Petaluma treatment facility.

What Does Our Petaluma Rehab Center Treat?

The Rehab center nearby Rohnert Park is sometimes called “The Mill.” It offers outpatient and intensive outpatient services for individuals experiencing addiction and substance abuse. The specialists at Wavelengths use a combination of counseling, medication, and holistic approaches.

These addictions include:

If you are struggling with substances, the experienced staff at Wavelengths can offer support for your needs. They will offer the most appropriate interventions, but always with your future lifestyle in mind.

Counseling at Wavelengths

One of the most important components of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is counseling. The mental health professionals at Wavelengths Recovery in Petaluma will tailor their approach to you. They want to help you live your best life after addiction.

The major focus of the outpatient counseling program is building skills that will help you improve your life.

One of the biggest aspects is teaching positive communication skills. These are skills that can help you build and maintain relationships while living a sober lifestyle. Counseling may focus on rebuilding existing relationships or building new, supportive ones.

Many of the skills that you learn will be actionable. You will learn healthy techniques to help with decision making, stress reduction, and responding to feedback. Counselors will even support you if you are struggling with cravings.

If you are struggling, the counselors at the Rohnert Park rehabilitation center will address your needs and help you thrive.

Holistic Therapy Options

You are a person, not an addiction. The professionals at Wavelengths know that, and they want to help you to remember it, too. Their holistic approaches are some of the most important for those transitioning back into life after recovery.

While counseling addresses the mind, holistic therapies address the body. In addition to being endlessly expressive, the body is home to a great deal of tension.

Holistic therapies can help treat the physical symptoms of your addiction. They also provide you with a language to use for expression, stress relief, and more.

Alchemy Wellness Offerings

If you heal the body, the mind will follow! The staff calls the whole-body offerings at Wavelengths “Alchemy Wellness.” The goal of these programs is to supplement western medicine approaches. They provide more opportunities for happiness and well-being while in recovery.

To help you strengthen the mind-body connection, you might enjoy yoga, meditation, reiki, or acupuncture. Wavelengths also offer physical therapy and whole-food nutrition programs. Professionals will support your body so you can focus on your mind.

Equine Therapy

One of the unique programs offered at Wavelengths in Petaluma is the equine therapy program. This program uses horses as a form of therapeutic intervention. Individuals in treatment will be able to care for and interact with the horses regularly.

Equine therapy is valuable for individuals seeking to work on relationships. If you struggle to build or maintain relationships with friends, family, or even yourself, equine therapy can help.

The horses will help you to grow emotionally and interpersonally. Meanwhile, they provide all of the comforting benefits of animal therapies.

You may get the opportunity to ride a horse, but you will be able to do much more than that. You will be involved in grooming, feeding, and daily care.

You will slowly build a trusting relationship with the therapy horses. This can lead to considerable growth outside of the facility.

At Wavelengths, equine and other whole-body therapies are not “extras.” They are important components of the overall therapeutic program. They are some of the most effective and memorable components of the program.

References and Reviews

Overall, individuals who have sought treatment at the rehabilitation center in Petaluma have been incredibly pleased with their progress. Clients at Wavelengths have reported feeling validated, welcome, and understood. They have stated the program’s holistic approach was respected by every staff member.

Clients who have gone through the outpatient treatment program have mentioned a sense of community. It is a place where every individual feels respected and understood.

The facility itself is brand new, having opened in 2020. It is a clean, comfortable facility. It is in founder Warren Boyd’s hometown, so extra care has been taken to make this facility a gift to his community.

Pursue Recovery at our Rehabilitation Center Rohnert Park

At The Great Petaluma Mill, recovery is a comfortable, holistic process. You will be supported through counseling, medication, and a uniquely holistic approach. You will find yourself becoming the person you want to be after recovery.

If you have been seeking a Rohnert Park Rehabilitation center, Wavelengths welcomes you. Contact Wavelengths today to begin your journey toward recovery. The staff and other clients can’t wait to support you as you pursue your best life after addiction.




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