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Equine Therapy at Wavelengths Recovery

Equine therapy offers may benefits to those going through addiction recovery.

Equine therapy participants can interact with horses on an interpersonal level at Wavelengths. Spend time caretaking for our beautiful horses in Sonoma County today.
horse for equine therapy

At Wavelengths, we use equine therapy to help motivate adults to help establish healthy relationships with themselves, friends, and family. Like other forms of animal therapy, horses can be used to help comfort people and give them a safe environment to cope with trauma.

Many people in treatment take part in equine therapy to find relief and to empower themselves. Our horses help stimulate emotional growth for our participants which is vital in addiction recovery. Equine therapy helps build communication, self-efficacy, decreased isolation, impulse control, social skills, spiritual connection, and more.

Equine therapy at Wavelengths is much more than riding. Working with horses includes feeding and grooming, as well as building a relationship in order to gain their trust. When you come to Wavelengths Recovery in Sonoma County, equine therapy will be worked into your holistic addiction treatment plan.

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