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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Near San Francisco

August 3, 2021
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Rehabilitation Centers Near San Francisco

Many Rehabilitation Centers near San Francisco and other centers throughout the major cities in the bay area. Both state and private rehab are available. However, as with most of the major cities in the US, access to inpatient and outpatient programs is limited, and many addicts have to contend with waiting lists when they seek assistance. For some, this wait is too long.

One rehab provider in Sonoma County, Wavelengths Recovery, has recently opened an intensive outpatient rehab program in Petaluma and is hoping to entice some of those out of the cities areas to attend its program. About 60 km north of San Francisco in Petaluma, a city of around 60,000. Wavelengths have started a drugs and alcohol addiction outpatients program. Programs of this nature in smaller cities throughout the region serve to remove the addict from the things that have previously enticed them and give them a chance in a new town.

The Wavelengths Brand

Wavelengths is not a new name in the rehab industry, having an established outpatient program at Huntington Breach. However, the comprehensive program they offer recognizes more to treat addiction than simply stopping drugs or alcohol. They recognize a range of complex factors that drive addiction and that the mind, body, and soul have to come together if the addiction is to be successfully treated. This is why Wavelengths offers a holistic program.

Each person who enters one of their treatment programs receives an individual plan that focuses on the triggers that drive their personal addiction and the tools they need to overcome that addiction. While each person has their own structured plan, the support of the wider Wavelengths community is utilized to help the person overcome their addiction. Thus, using a structured plan, the addict has a dual role: treatment agent and mutual peer support.

There are four steps to the Wavelengths recovery plan:

  1. 1. Admission
  2. 2. Primary treatment and assessment
  3. 3. Development and implementation of the personalized care plan
  4. 4. Independent life skills learning


As those participating move through the steps gradually, they are rewarded with increased independence and responsibility. Completing all steps increases the likelihood of success.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

An outpatient treatment program is not a soft option. It could form part of your ongoing care as you progress from an inpatient care plan into the community as you take on more responsibility. Other addicts may elect an intensive outpatient treatment program only. The choice of the program really is up to the individual and what meets the needs of each best.

Wavelengths offer an intensive outpatient treatment program in Petaluma, Sonoma County.

This outpatient treatment program follows a structured approach to addiction with the core components incorporating:

  • Individual and group sessions
  • Individual counseling support
  • Group sizes that are not overwhelming
  • Aftercare support and follow-up
  • Drug screenings
  • Ongoing support from sober members

The key to their intensive outpatient program is teaching participants the skills they need to survive life, not just life without the substance, including:

  • How to cope with cravings
  • Dealing with feedback
  • Effective communication
  • Healthy ways to reduce stress
  • Identifying and dealing with triggers
  • Improving decision-making
  • Creating healthy relationships

By focusing on these core skills, Wavelengths gives addicts the arsenal to conquer their addiction and remain sober in the future. This is the backbone of the program offered in Petaluma. However, the program is delivered interestingly and dynamically, offering various therapies to develop this framework based on the individuals’ personalities and interests.

Treating the Mind, Body, and Soul

Addiction is no different from anything else in our lives. However, when we have the mind, body, and working together in unison, we stand the greatest chance of success. With that in mind, Wavelength, intensive outpatient treatment program incorporates several key courses.

These include nutrition classes, fitness classes, experiential outings, mediation, and life skills. Classes of this nature allow the individual to reconnect with themselves and find solace in things outside of drugs and alcohol.

Unique Therapy

The Petaluma program offers several enhanced therapies by the slower pace of life outside of the big city.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is one of the newer therapies that has been shown to positively impact the recovery of addicts. When individuals are addicted to a substance, they lose touch with the things used to bring them enjoyment, instead deferring to the substance of abuse.

Horses help those with addictions reconnect with that part of them that was lost. It helps the person remember the things that made them happy outside of drugs or alcohol.

For others working with horses creates a safe environment to work through past trauma. In addition, it creates a sense of relief and empowerment that can often not be replicated elsewhere. Equine therapy also aims to help the individual realize the importance of building relationships to develop trust. Unfortunately, many of those participating in the outpatient program have lost this due to their addictive behaviors.


While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, yoga can offer some real benefits for some addicts. Yoga therapy works on the principle that if the mind recovers, the body will follow. Exercises are focused on breathing techniques and creating an inward focus.

Those attending yoga are taught to take personal responsibility for how they feel and focus on gaining control of their subsequent actions and behaviors. This can be key to overcoming cravings and recognizing triggers but avoiding acting on them.

Whole Food Nutrition

This class has multiple purposes. It teaches individuals how to care for themselves and their bodies, often forgotten when taking substances or using alcohol.

Whole food nutrition also aims to help the individual restore their bodies to a healthy state, so they have the strength physically to overcome their addiction. Many addicts have fallen into unhealthy lifestyles due to their addictions, so classes of this nature help them reestablish and relearn the different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. This increases the likelihood they will maintain the lifestyle once they have completed the outpatient program.

Other Holistic Treatments

In addition to the above, Wavelength offers Reiki, mediation, physical therapy, and acupuncture. All are holistic treatments aimed at restoring complete body health.

Wavelengths Recovery and the outpatient program it offers in Petaluma offers a program that focuses on the whole individual rather than just the addiction. This holistic approach has been shown to influence treatment completion and retention positively.

Find Rehab Centers near San Francisco

At Wavelengths, one of the few great rehab centers near San Francisco, recovery is a comfortable process. You will be supported through counseling, medication, and a uniquely holistic approach.

If you have been looking for rehab centers near San Francisco, Wavelengths welcomes you. Contact Wavelengths today to begin your journey toward recovery.




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