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Meditation Therapy in Recovery

A powerful and important component in recovery from addiction.

Meditation therapy is offered at Wavelengths' outpatient care. Meditation is used to reduce stress and help the individual feel more connected.
Meditation in Addiction Therapy

Meditation has been practiced all around the world for thousands of years and originally was used to deepen the understanding of mystical and sacred forces. Today meditation is commonly used for stress-reduction and relaxation. Not only can meditation be a helpful practice for stress reduction while it is being performed, but it can also help manage your stress throughout the day.

Meditation can be a useful tool for combating symptoms of withdrawal, cravings, triggers and other stressors that come with the beginnings of recovery. At Wavelengths in Orange County, meditation is a holistic approach used to help clients practice being in the present moment and becoming more connected with themselves.

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Benefits of Meditation in Recovery

Meditation is beneficial to your overall health. These benefits are emotional, physical, and mental.

The practice of meditation can be especially helpful to those in recovery and some of the benefits include:


The practice of yoga has been proven to help improve mental health, decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve your quality of life, and increase your mental and physical awareness. At Wavelengths, clients are encouraged to participate in yoga classes at Alchemy Wellness to reap the overall health benefits.

Both Vinyasa Flow and Sculpt Yoga are practiced at Wavelengths. Vinyasa Flow is a low-impact yoga that focuses on combining your breath with movement. Yoga Sculpt incorporates weights into your yoga practice and is a combination of vinyasa flow, cardio, and resistance training. Both of these styles of yoga incorporate breathing techniques throughout your practice which increases your mindfulness and decreases stress.

Sound Bath

Sound healing is the therapeutic use of frequencies for harmony and health that has been used for thousands of years. A sound bath uses musical instruments and Tibetan singing bowls to create a relaxing meditation experience. Different musical instruments and Tibetan singing bowls are used because this creates different vibrations and frequencies.

Sound baths can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep. This form of meditation can also enhance focus and help create a deep state of relaxation. Sound bath meditation is provided at Wavelengths to help clients practice relaxation and mindfulness.


Breathwork is the specific type of meditation practice that uses different breathing techniques to help an individual focus on conscious awareness. All of the techniques used in breathwork put a deep emphasis on the exhale and inhale of your breathing leading you to focus only on your breath.

This deep and focused breathing is used to decrease stress and anxiety as well as improve your emotional state. Wavelengths offers breathwork to clients in order to aid them in their recovery and improve their emotional well-being.

Meditation as a Holistic Approach at Wavelengths

Wavelengths in Huntington Beach, CA incorporates a holistic approach to recovery from substance abuse. Meditation at Alchemy Wellness is used to help recover from the stressors induced by substance use disorder.

Wavelengths offers Detox, Inpatient, and Outpatient levels of care to help addicts find recovery from their substance abuse. The individuals are met with compassion and highly-skilled staff to best help them in their recovery. If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment, contact us today.

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