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Meth Detox

Huntington Beach Meth Detox

When a meth user realizes that they have a problem and need to quit, the withdrawal symptoms are frightening and hold them back.
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When a person is going through a meth detox, they will experience intense withdrawal symptoms from the moment they quit using the drug. However, with a medically assisted detox program, meth withdrawal may be manageable.

It makes the entire process significantly less severe than attempting to quit cold turkey on your own. Methamphetamine abuse is rampant and has ruined many people’s lives.

The drug leads to quick dependency because of its potency. And many recreational users experience a heavy crash after they stop taking the drug.

For many people, a meth detox can last for several weeks and can be very painful. Here is everything you should know about meth withdrawal symptoms and why it is necessary to get help.

Why Go Through Meth Detox?

When a meth user realizes that they have a problem and need to quit, the withdrawal symptoms are frightening and hold them back. This is because withdrawal effects are too powerful for a person to overcome by themselves.

Therefore, going through a medical detox program is the safest way to treat withdrawals and cravings and remove traces of the drug from a user’s body.

Medical programs are best because they consist of around-the-clock personalized care throughout a person’s detox period. Nurses and doctors are always around to monitor a patient’s health and vitals to create the most effective treatment plans.

This is the only way withdrawal symptoms can improve to ensure that the person does not fall back into old habits. When the meth rehab help is complete, people can proceed to counseling and other professional services to help maintain sobriety for a long time.

Signs of Meth Addiction

Signs of meth addiction can be devastating because this is one of the most dangerous drugs to get hooked on. Meth takes an extreme physical and psychological toll on a person’s body.

One of the most obvious ways of spotting a meth addict is checking whether they have a sudden loss of interest in things they were once passionate about. For instance, a person’s relationships, hobbies, and career goals may start to take a back seat if they are addicted to the drug.

Although it is similar to stress and anxiety, it is important to know that most people hide their problems with meth. However, this becomes more prominent as their addiction progresses when meth becomes a user’s major life priority instead of a recreational drug.

Other physical and behavioral symptoms include paranoia, dilated pupils, twitching, facial tics, hyperactivity, skin sores, agitation, rotting teeth, mood swings, and extreme weight loss.

Tweaking is also a major symptom because it is a period of insomnia and anxiety that can last up to two weeks. This happens at the end of a drug binge when a person using meth struggles to get high.

Tweaking can lead to irritability and confusion because a person will always be desperate to use meth again. People can also succumb to violent behavior and intense hallucinations if they are tweaking too much.

During the crash phase, a person’s body lacks dopamine previously dysregulated by meth. It can lead to severe exhaustion, which is why the person “crashes.” This crash can last a few days where a person may sleep all the time and suffer from depression from intense cravings.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have decided to get your life back by giving up on meth, the withdrawal symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on a few factors.

These are:

Even the method used to consume the drug can affect how intense the withdrawals can be. For instance, those who inject meth into their system can experience a more hectic withdrawal process than others.

The main meth withdrawal symptoms that affect most people are:

If you or anything you know is going through these symptoms, they may need medical help because it is exceedingly difficult to overcome this pain on your own.

Meth Detox Timeline

After you have decided to be a meth addict no longer:

This is when most physical pain subsides, even if you still have strong cravings for the drug. Some of the worst withdrawal symptoms can occur after a month. However, these will continue to fade except depression and anxiety, which can linger for a few more months.

What to Expect During Meth Detox?

Seeking meth rehab help is worth it because the detox center’s priority is to make you feel safe and comfortable during treatment. The process is typically broken down into three steps to ensure you get the best form of care.

They will first examine and go through all your health information and possibly conduct a urine test. Then they will adjust treatment to help you progress when you are experiencing the peak of your withdrawal symptoms.

Close to the end of your meth detox period, the physicians will help you transition to the next stage. This is to help you get back on track and stay sober for a long time.

Detox from Meth in Huntington Beach, CA

Meth detox is the most effective and safest way to treat addiction problems. Although it is not easy going to a detox center for professional help, it is necessary to tackle the underlying causes of addiction.

Get the help you need at our Huntington Beach Rehab & Detox Center for drug detoxification from methamphetamine.

If you need help overcoming meth withdrawal symptoms, give us a call today. We have the best specialists to support you through this difficult journey.

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