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4 Ways to Keep Cool While Staying Sober

July 11, 2017
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Heat affects the mood greatly as many people have seen, addicts and “normies” as well.  With the summer heat coming on in full force all people can experience trouble with sleeping, an increase in aggression, physical dehydration, and a feeling of tempers rising with the temperature.  What can addicts do to “keep our cool”?


Exercising in the early morning or in the evening after sundown will help moods.  This also helps avoid temperature compounding with the physical exercise and the weather together. Take a dip in the pool or any body of water.  Just being by a body of water makes your temperature go down, and your mood with it. Even if it is just your feet, you will notice a change. And the exercise is good for allowing some intensity to be blown off.

Contact a Friend

Calling a friend does wonder to take any aggression or aggravation down a notch.  Allowing yourself time to talk it out and have the support and listening ear of a friend will help your mood and body temperature.  Enjoy yourself and laugh a little as well.  This isn’t as bad as it seems.  This too will pass and talking about it will tend to de-escalate the intensity of the moment as well.  And a short walk or drive with a friend can really take this moment of overwhelming to a moment of calm.

Take Time for Ten

This is a wonderful way to just allow your mental temperature to go down, and allow the intensity of a situation to decompress.  Walk for a bit quietly, or sit away from all the action.  Timeout for deep breathing and a peaceful respite from the daily stress will do wonders.  A short walk by cool green grass or sitting under a tree—great to take the time for a break.  Meditating during this time will help the brain to just slow down, which in turn allows your body temperature to do the same.

Go to a Meeting

So, if these don’t work, Get to a meeting, talk to another addict, go help someone by serving them, or just lay down and rest a bit.  You will notice a change. Mindfulness is so important with this added stress during these hot months, so being aware of the changes in our body and what we can do to take care of ourselves is necessary.  Enjoy your summer and all that the heat does to make it a time of gratitude and healing!




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